Today, we can make egg trays very easily. This is made possible by the pulp molding machine. This is a special machine which transforms paper pulp into egg trays. Waste paper pulp can be fed into this machine. After that, the paper is molded under heat and pressure into egg trays. The pulp molding machine is immensely versatile. This means that it can be used to make other types of paper products. Examples of these are egg cartons, egg boxes and many more. Here is more about the Pulp Molding Machine and the benefits of using it.

Paper Egg Tray Machine

Paper Pulp Molding Machine

How the pulp molding machine is developed to deliver the best quality egg trays

The pulp molding machine (More details can also be found here: is developed to provide you with high-quality products. Its design ensures that the machine provides you with high productivity. Thus, you can create multiple egg trays in a very short period of time. The pulp molding machine is energy saving. Due to this, you can use it for a long time without having to worry about huge electricity bills. Best of all, the pulp molding machine provides a very long service life because it is made of stainless steel. This material is resistant to rust and very strong. As a result, you can use the pulp molding machine for a very long time.

How is it able to create so many different products?

A major advantage of the pulp molding machine is that it can create very many products. Its main end product is egg trays. However, it can make many other items. Examples of these are egg cartons, shoe stretchers and apple trays among others. How is it able to do this? The machine is able to accomplish this high level of versatility because of the variety of mold shapes and sizes.

You can pick a mold and then set it into the paper tray machine. After that, add the paper pulp. Having done so, proceed to activate the machine. It will immediately begin to create the product that you have determined. As a matter of fact, you can even specify the number of pieces which you would want. Due to this method of operation, you can make as many paper products as you desire!

Pulp Moulding Machine

Paper Pulp Molding Machine in India

A variety of models

You can pick from various models of pulp molding machines models. Some offer moderate output while others offer a high output. You can pick a model based on factors such as the drying system, level of output, number of workers, area that is occupied and amount of paper pulp consumed.

The flagship model provides a collection of essential features. The pulp molding machine has machine-assisted pulp loading and automatic egg tray drying. It has a mold capacity of 16 chunks. The machine can also produce between 5000 and 6000 egg trays every hour. It consumes 153 kW (kilowatts) and utilizes between 270 and 450 kilograms (kg) of paper pulp per hour. You can contact Beston China to get more information about the different types of the machine.

Benefits of using the pulp molding machine

It is very easy to use

The pulp molding machine has a user-friendly mechanism. All the processes which are used for pulping the raw material, forming the molds, drying and stacking are easy to do. This means that you can operate the machine as quickly as you want. It is also easy to train an operator.

It is very affordable

The pulp molding machine is quite affordable. It is made to maximize output and give you a good return on investment.

It is Eco-friendly

This machine can transform a huge amount of waste paper into egg trays. It helps you to recycle waste material so as to make different types of trays. This helps to clean up and conserve the environment.


Today, you can turn waste paper into high-quality egg trays. This is accomplished by using a pulp molding machine. It is developed to make egg trays as quickly as possible. The flagship model of the pulp molding machine can make thousands of these egg trays for you in a very short period of time. As such, it is a method which you can use to transform discarded paper into usable products. Each machine requires a number of workers to operate. Hence, it creates employment too. This machine implements modern technology to make egg pacing and transportation easier, safer and more environmentally friendly!

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