Beston Machinery seeks to be one of the leading manufacturers globally by providing tyre pyrolysis plant for sale that enhances sustainability by addressing the serious environmental pollution concern.  We understand that environmental pollution is one of the biggest concerns globally which results from mismanagement of waste such as tyres. Consequently, we have utilized cutting edge technology to develop some waste tyre pyrolysis plants. One of the major advantages of our range of tyre pyrolysis plant for sale is its ability to convert waste into highly useful products such as fuel oil, steel wire, and carbon black. Besides, our pyrolysis plants have abilities to process other types of waste products including rubber, waste plastic, and oil sludge. This increases waste management capabilities while also increasing revenue.

Tyre Pyrolysis Machine to South Africa

Tyre Pyrolysis Machine to South Africa

Pyrolysis Technology

The technologically advanced and uniquely designed tyre pyrolysis plants, as well as full service, have made the plants highly popular across the globe. Some of the countries where the plants have been sold include, United Kingdom, Jordan, Canada, South Africa, and Canada among other countries. The adoption of a new international heating structure which enables longer service life and higher heating speed. They, therefore, guarantee a large increase in working efficiency and consequently increase revenue while reducing production costs.

Range of Tyre Pyrolysis Plant for Sale

We also have a range of options to choose from and therefore investors can easily select the products which suit them best. some of the available options of waste tire recycling plant include the batch tyre machine which requires manual feeding, The semi-continuos tyre pyrolysis machine, which needs automatic feeding two to three times daily and the fully continuous machine which can work for 24 hours without the need for manual activity. The multiple designs significantly reduce the cost of the machines as an investor can easily choose the machine which is ideal for their budgets. it also increases the working efficiency as a customer only chooses what fits them. further, we can add catalysts depending on the specifications and requirements of customers to improve the quality of oil which would guarantee higher revenues for the clients.

Tyre Recycling Plant in the UK

Tyre Recycling Plant in the UK

Versatile Control System

Being one of the leading tyre pyrolysis plant manufacturers have also developed an advanced PLC control system which has emerged as a vital component of the tyre pyrolysis machines to achieve intelligent operation. Besides, the systems can be provided as high, medium, or low price depending on the need of the investors. the advanced control system ensures easy standardization and internalization and therefore ensure the machines can be used barely everywhere around the world.

Discharge and Dedusting Systems

Our tyre pyrolysis plants are equipped with effective discharge systems which are environmentally friendly through the adoption of unique spray dedusting systems. For instance, we install the tail gas burning machines which aid in removing sulfur components. This ensures the process has no odors, smoke and therefore guarantees the health and safety of operators. Besides, the tyre pyrolysis machines are completely sealed to avoid explosion accidents.

Cutting Condenser Technology

An advanced horizontal condenser system also significantly increases the oil yields from our tyre pyrolysis plants. This is because it enhances the liquefaction of light gas and its collection by the oil tank. Besides, the condenser system is easy to install while also convenient as it does not consume a lot of space and therefore saves on land. Besides, any combustible gas after processing by the hydroseal system is also utilized as a source of heating energy and therefore reduces fuel costs.

Professional team

Beston Company has a rich experience in designing and installation of tyre pyrolysis plants and our professional team will provide you with critical training on the operation and use of the plants until the operators can confidently use them. We particularly emphasize the use of suitable sizes of raw materials and ensuring the use of proper temperatures to ensure the maximum yield of oil. The use of fire protective clothing and equipment always while using the plant is also highly advised to prevent possible accidents. Besides, the team is readily available to provide technical assistance in maintaining, repair or adjustments of our tyre pyrolysis machines according to the needs of our customers.

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