By using waste paper from old books, newspapers, etc, this paper egg tray making machine can produce egg trays using the paper pulp as the raw material.

Types of Paper Egg Tray Making Machines

Depending on the different features, these are divided into two types.

Good Feadback for Beston Paper Egg Tray Machine

Good Feedback for Beston Paper Egg Tray Machine

Depending on the Automation Process

Depending on the automation process, mainly the drying process, they are divided into three types.

1. Manual Machine

This is typically useful for small-scale business investors. The paper egg tray making machine for sale can be easily operated, incur low investment cost, and the output is high. It comes in two models. The output of these machines is between 1000-1500 egg trays/hour. The trays produced are dried manually. It can be maintained by 4-5 workers and hence can be used by homemade tray manufacturers.

2. Semi-Automatic Machine

This machine uses a brick drying line and natural drying modes. In natural drying, the wet trays are dried in sun and wind. It helps in cost cutting. In the Brick drying process, the wet molds are dried in the brick drying room. This overcomes the weather limitations of the natural drying system.

3. Automatic Machine

In this machine, the drying is done with the help of a metal drying line or a conveyor belt. Even though the cost of this model is comparatively high than the other two models, it is more beneficial for large business investors. Efficiency and output are relatively high. The labor required for operating the machine is relatively low.

You can get three types from Beston Group. From its many projects in different countries, it is worthy of your investment.

Beston Paper Egg Tray Machine for Sale

Beston Paper Egg Tray Machine for Sale

Depending on the capacity of trays

It has 4 models of paper egg tray making machine for sale, differentiated based on the capacity of trays.

1. One-sided machine

2. Four-sided machine

3. Eight-sided machine

4. Twelve-sided machine

The one-sided and four-sided machines have forming mold on one side and on four sides respectively. These are useful for small scale industries. In these machines, instead of a reciprocating pulp molding equipment, a rotary model is developed. Different models of one-side and four-side tray machine models use different drying systems. They are highly efficient, cost-effective, has low energy consumption for running the machinery and can be easily operated.

The 8-sided and twelve-sided machines have forming molds on eight sides and twelve sides respectively. They have high output and are useful for large scale industries. The output per hour is high when compared to the other two types. They need very less labor and high profits are generated in less time.

Egg Tray Production Process

Step 1:

The initial stage of the process is generating pulp from the raw material. The machine includes a pulp pump, a water pump, a hydraulic pump, and a pulp refiner. Along with these, a wastewater pool and two pulp pools are included. One pulp pools store the pulp, whereas the other pool is used for pulp refining. After refining, additives are added to the pulp.

Step 2:

After the pulp is made, it is sent into the molding system. The final products’ quality is dependant on the molding system. Different products are produced using different dies. The molding machine molds the pulp into shape with the help of a vacuum pump and air compressor.

Step 3:

The molded pulp is sent to the drying system. Depending on the automation system of the paper egg tray making machine, drying is done in 4 ways: Natural drying, metal drying, brick drying with carts or a conveyor belt.

Step 4:

After the trays are dried, they are packed in the fully automatic packing system. The packing system includes a hot presser, packer and a counting machine. This helps in properly packing and counting the trays, without the need for extra labor.

Wide range of these paper egg tray making machines enables the customers to choose the model they need depending on their business requirements and decisions can be made keeping in mind several factors such as the space available for them, the market they are targeting, their investment cost, labor available, ease of operation, quantity required, etc. These machines are cost-effective, highly efficient and stable with modernized technology, easy to operate and maintain and are profitable. The raw material used in this machine, i.e, paper, is easily accessible. These machines decrease contamination and are environment-friendly. They are safe to operate and doesn’t cause any health hazards for the labor working in the site. They generate good income and are highly profitable in the long run. If you wanna make different molds by this machine, visit to find the right machine.

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