Pyrolysis is a process that involves taking care of waste materials that are occupying a lot of space. There is a large number of tires thrown away every day which piles up wasting space. Tire pyrolysis can help get rid of these useless tires. In the process, the tire is broken down into carbon. There are many processes that require carbon as raw materials. Carbon can also act as a source of energy. Hence the process is a recycling process that gives back something to society.

Tire pyrolysis is a process that does not involve oxygen. The reaction is called a reduction reaction, and the process is endothermic. In the process, the tire is shredded into pieces. The resulting products are carbon, steel, and gaseous oil.

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Process of tire pyrolysis

Since the process turns wastage into something useful, it is said to be a green process. At first, put the tires in the reactor. There are some machines with an automatic feeder system. Once fed rotate the reactor clockwise. The rotation should be 0.4-0.8r/min.

After this, the door is sealed tightly to make sure there is no passage of gas (there are more safety designs of beston pyrolysis plant, you can click to learn more). Now the heat is applied to the reactor by using gas, coal, wood or other combustible materials. At 250-degree Celsius oil forms in the reactor. Remember Charcoal machine reaction involved oxygen, but the pyrolysis process involves no gas. So, there two are different processes.

Inside the reactor, oil is in a gaseous form. The gas flows through a chamber where it condenses to form the liquid oil. The quantity of oil from this process depends on the condense. A good condenser can collect more oil in the chamber.

The leftover gas reaches the fuels chamber. Here the gas is used to burn as fuel so saving fuel in the process of pyrolysis.

When the process is complete carbon settles at the bottom of the reactor. After the temperature falls to 40 degrees, it is possible to collect carbon from the reactor.

Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant

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What is the product of tire pyrolysis?

Generally, tire pyrolysis can yield the following products:

  • 8% combustible gas
  • 12% steel wire
  • 35% black carbon
  • 45% Fuel oil

You must keep in mind that different raw materials in the pyrolysis process result in different products. Because of the high market value of those end product, the tire pyrolysis plant cost you have spent will worth your investment.

What are the raw materials for pyrolysis?

The process can be used to remove the unwanted tire from the surroundings. But the process can also be used with other raw materials like plastic, rubber, medical waste, oil sludge. What is interesting about the process is that all these are waste materials that need to be removed from the environment. However, if you are planning to use any other raw material than tire you must conduct a small research on the material first. It is because when different materials are used in the pyrolysis process, there are different results. So, you need to know what you will be the product of pyrolysis to put them into good use.

Tyre Recycling Plant Project Cost

Tire pyrolysis is a green process, and it can cost a lot more than the charcoal machine which is only installed with a furnace. Usually, a tire recycling machine price is between $55000 and $80000. Since there is the efficiency of each chamber involved in the process, there are a lot of things you need to consider before getting a machine.

Before you buy a tire pyrolysis machine you need to check the compartments, the materials they are made off. What is the percentage of the product they can yield? The percentage may vary from the reactor and the condenser they use in the machine. Remember maximum yield can bring out more profit by using tire pyrolysis. So, choose your machine wisely.

Tire pyrolysis is a good way to produce carbon because the raw materials needed for the production is available in a large sum. It removes unwanted tires from the society making it clean and environment-friendly. Can you imagine how harmfully it would affect the environment if the tires left were burnt for no use? Also, it produces fuel like carbon, oil and other gases which we need more. It is due to this reason that tire pyrolysis is said to be a green environment process.

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